Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Around Town Today

Poor Marc, rooming with a Christian! Some kid named >a href="brentberkowski.blogspot.com">Brent. Was it wrong of me to kiss Marc and grab his ass right in front of him? What do I care? He thinks I'm going to Hell, so as far as I'm concerned he can go there himself.

Marc and I went into his room, and shortly after shutting the door, we heard Brent leave. Guess he didn't want to hear what happened next.

After I finished with Marc, I walked home, calling Jeremy on the way. We decided to go have lunch together. What a time at the Whataburger. Jeremy told me he's trying to live a life with no regrets. He told me that meant that he had to embrace everything he had ever done, everything that had ever been done to him -- and everything that had ever happened in the world. He said that, without doing so, one expressed regret for one's own existence.

"So what, exactly, does that mean?" I asked.

He stuffed a pair of fries into his mouth before answering.

"It means that if you've said yes to any joy, you've said yes to every woe as well. It means that you recognize that everything had to turn out exactly as it did for you to be who you are at this time and place, and if anything else had happened, your life would be completely different. Do you understand? Do you understand what that means?"

Not really. I'm not sure I still understand it. It's a lot to think about. I"m definitely going to have to introduce him to Carlos. Listening to them talk would be fascinating.

Maybe I'll bring him over to Marc's. Listening to him talk to Brent would be hilarious!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Days of Classes

How boring. Classes have started. And Carlos is always out of the apartment with Alex. That's what I get for setting him up. And now with classes, it's going to be even less fun. I have a class with this hot straight guy named Jeremy. I want to be friends with him just so I can look at him all the time. I'll fantasize about him when I'm with Marc. Ha! He seems kind of boring, though. He mentioned Nietzsche in our first conversation. What a dork. Still . . . I'll introduce him to Carlos. I'm sure they'll hit it off. Carlos is interested in German stuff. Or Austrian. Whatever, it's all the same.

The only good thing about UTD is that most of the buildings are connected by skywalks, so we don't have to go outside most of the time to get from place to place. Perfect, when it's 106 outside!

Well, time to venture out into the heat again. Have to go buy textbooks. There goes a few hundred dollars for a bunch of books I won't even read.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Setting Up Carlos

Well, I must say that setting up Alex and Carlos really worked out. Carlos is already getting ready for his date with her tonight. "Dude" is nervous. It's so cute! I haven't seen him like this. Breeders are so hilarious!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

“How can a man so ugly be so handsome?”

Okay, well, Carlos being a crazy conservative does have its uses, because he did direct me to this awesome article about Humphrey Bogart who I've always found crazy attractive, though I seriously had no idea why. There's a quote in the article that sums up how I feel about him:

“How can a man so ugly be so handsome?”

Seriously, how? Makes no sense to me. That gorgeously ugly man is beyond awesome in Casablanca and African Queen. Oh my God! Casablanca has got to be the best movie ever! Bogart almost makes me want to be an actor. He's the real deal. Of course, for most of my life -- and even now around many people -- I've been and am an actor. And a damn good one, I think.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Marvelous Marcus Please Go Home!

Marc needs to go home and meet his new roommate. Not that I care whether or not he actually meets him anytime soon. I'm just sick and tired of him always being around. Which reminds me, I need to buy some orange juice.

I wish Carlos would turn off the news and stop about that Ron Paul shit. Like I care. Well, except he seems to be gay-friendly, anyway, which I like. Obama's been a real disappointment there. Not that I care about politics. You probably won't hear me say anything else about politics ever again. Seriously, who cares? They're all the same.

At least Carlos is gone off somewhere, which means it's naked time in the house. Marc and I have been walking around, watching T.V., and even ate lunch naked. With the windows shut, of course. Don't want the prudes that control this country to call the police. Who cares if everyone goes around naked? I'm pretty sure that the more prudish a country, the more perverse it is.

Marc says he has to go use the restroom. I look at his nice ass as he goes, then turn back to this. Well, maybe one more go-around before he goes. But he has to go. I need to get some sleep, and I hate for anyone to be in the bed with me when I sleep. He likes to snuggle. Blah! Snuggle! He likes to take advantage of me every time he enters REM sleep is all.

I can smell those oil paints of Carlos's. He'll be wanting me to pose for him again, which is somehow both fun and boring. He gives me all the drawings, pastels, and paintings at least. He says it's all about the practice. He's gotten a lot better, I must admit. I do have to wonder if classes wouldn't help him though. Practice makes better, but perfect practice perfects, and I don't know if he will get perfect practice without help. Still, he does better than I ever could.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome, Gentle Readers

Carlos was telling me he set up a blog, so I thought I'd set one up, and it took me for freaking ever because I had to set up my gmail account, and they ask to have a code texted to you, and I did that, and then I went to check my phone, and it never came, and then I went to check my messages and ended up being directed to AT&T because those idiots didn't register the payment I made online and so I had to get my phone unsuspended, which totally sucked, because that took over an hour, and Marc got bored and got dressed and left, leaving me to get transferred, but not really, because I kept going back to the same people, until I demanded the person I was talking to solve the problem and not transfer me, which, as it turns out, works, because I don't think they really want to help anyone, but they can in fact help you no matter what they say, and so I got the phone unsuspended, but then the message didn't come in, so I had to request it again on gmail, but that didn't work, and I had to go through the whole thing again to get up my gmail account, and I finally got the message and was able to get the thing started so I could come over here and set up my blog. Yea!

But all that nonsense is over with and now I can write on this thing. I don't know what I'm going to write about. Just me? I totally had a great time last night with Marc. I love hanging out with Marc, because if we can't find someone at the club, we can always go home with each other. He's a little on the kinky side, but that's okay. I can accommodate. Carlos took off before we came out of the bedroom. I don't know where he took off to. So that means it's just me, naked, in the apartment.

I can't believe that crazy Bob. I'll miss that crazy fag. Seriously. A boa and an orchid on his cleaned skeleton. Sick, sick, sick! Loved it! LOL! I was cracking up, though I think his family was mortified. Oh, absolutely mortified. Appalled, horrified, mortified. It was great. Too bad about his boyfriend, though. I don't even remember that old queen's name. He was forty or fifty and probably won't see the light of day again. It was an accident, but still. He's bound to get some sort of manslaughter or third degree murder or something. Too bad. He didn't mean to kill Bob, I'm sure. I almost wrote "Kill Bill," lol! That's messed up, seriously.

I'm glad Carlos is back. It was getting boring here without him around. I need to introduce him to Alex. I know she's got that girlfriend Andrea, but she was saying she'd like a boyfriend, too. I guess Andrea's alright with that. I don't know if I should tell Carlos everything about Alex or just let her tell him. Eh, you know, that's like outing someone. I'm not doing that. Let Alex tell Carlos if she wants. If they even end up together. I think they'd make for a totally cute couple. Or threesome. Or something.

Ugh, classes are going to start soon. Less fun, more work. I'm getting bored with child learning and development. Maybe I should do something else instead of become a teacher. Well, I'll decide that later, see how classes go.